Week 12 – Hand Made Heaven

Yohogan Artist – Jacob Hogan About the Author: Jacob goes to CSULB and works as a steel works major. His passion involves his works and creations.  He wants to introduce fine metal products into living spaces and jewelry as an extension of expression.  His expression of passion was so inspiring when he talked about the […]

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Week 10 – The EDGE of Glory

In the four years that I have been here at CSULB, one of the most interesting psychological phenomena was the little crack in the space near the bus stops near the circle of traffic. Everyone seems to want to cut corners nowadays I hear!  So in order to make the space better for people, I […]

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Week 10 – Tag a Friend!

This weeks project was extremely fun because I had a blast going out on an adventure with my friends!  I had been working all week and Sunday afternoon was the only time I was able to do the graffiti project.  My friends, Shiloh, Julio, and Axel had a crazy time during our shift at work, […]

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Week 10 – Artist “Recuerdos”

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra About the Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra is a CSULB student in the sculpture program. When first encountering her, she seemed extremely knowledgable about her purpose for her exhibit.  She exclaimed that she loves her spanish heritage and memories with her family.  She emphasized that Spanish was her main language.  Ibarra loves Karaoke […]

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