Week 16 – A Possibility

Regardless of what my future I know that realistically I would like to go to graduate school.  With this I have produced three short term goals that will help aid in reaching my path.

1st Possibility:

My first possibility would be to work at my job for a year since I am taking a year off. I can look to find internships.  Currently I reached out to my internship program with professor Rodrigurez and he is currently trying to connect me to working at an HR firm. He had also helped me with my LinkdIn account as well!

2nd Possibility:

I could apply for a graduate school emphasizing a focus on clinical therapy. This will help my career because I do have a passion for therapy and love to apply philosophy with practice and excellence.  

3rd Possibility:

With my strong background in IO psychology, I can also look to applying to the masters program at CSULB.  This would be convienent because my job currently resides in Long Beach. CSULB has a very strong IO psychology program, so if I am able to get my internship in HR, I may have a better chance at getting into this possibility in my life.


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