Week 13 – Artist Conversation

About the Author:

Carmina lives in anaheim.  She transferred here to CSULB as a fine arts major.  Her specialty is BFA sculpture.  She loves video games.  One contrast to her favorite hobbies would be going out and visitng nature.  This exhibit here at Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery showcases her senior work

Initial Analysis:

When you walk into the roon, you are greeted with a symmetrical view of perfectly hand wrapped lollipops.

Up close, the lollipops perfectly positions themselves among one another.  Looking closely at the corners of the room, you notice packs of top ramen glued to the floor. You are actually greeted to a pair when you first step into the door.  

Looking closely at the lollipops, you notice a PH tester for blood wrapped perfectly inside each and every lollipop.

The middle of the room was the most bizzare and abatract.  There seemes to be a mountain of green sand sitting next to a black box.

Content Analysis: 

Carmina used her time with the art exhibit very tediously.  The message she wanted to entail was bringing the ideology of college life.  The candy and ramen represented a cheap but hazardous omage to the health struggles of many college students. This piece also reflected on Carmina’s Relationship between sugar and personal health. The pieces in the middle of the works are molds of her body made from 3d fabrication. The visual break from the top ramen was meant to have people pay attention to detail.  This is where the test strips steal this feint prupose, because it is far from the door, pushing viewers away from the sculpture in the middle. The red lollipops was used to relate to blood and passion since she has diabetes.  The noodles are paying omage to college life and how unhealthy students eat things.  

Personal Experience:

Overall this piece was one of the more archaic pieces that I have seen in the exhibit.  Context matters because without the guidance from Carmina’s commentary, I never would have figured out that the piece in the middle was a 3D mold of Carmina herself!


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