Week 12 – Hand Made Heaven


Artist – Jacob Hogan

About the Author:

Jacob goes to CSULB and works as a steel works major. His passion involves his works and creations.  He wants to introduce fine metal products into living spaces and jewelry as an extension of expression.  His expression of passion was so inspiring when he talked about the process of his elegant style and craft.  And it bled into the pieces he showcased in the exhibit.

Initial Analysis:

You were welcomed to a crafting table with notes and diagrams from Jacob.  Here you see the process of making a specific metal necklace that was displayed in the exhibit.

The end result was a beautiful and symmetrical piece of work.  Jacob had produced the necklace in several metals to encapsulate personality and individuality within the pieces.  

This lamp was posted right next to the jewelry.  This piece was splendid! I loved how the honeycomb patterns resonated with the lights.  The ambience was so professional and emmitted a perfect yellow light.

There was also a couch with a beautifully crafted lamp/fireplace.  The edges and craft are sleeker and smoother in person.  The smooth burnish color of the metal made the piece authentic and very stylish to look at.  It drew the attention of many of the people entering the exhibit.
Content Analysis:

Jacob really expressed how he wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere with his pieces.  The creation of his pieces were meant to incorporate fine metalwork into normative art and accessories.  Jacob exclaimed that everything is created in a process.  As long as one follows through with an idea, any creation is possible.

He then showed me the prototype of the lamp portrayed in the exhibit.  Jacob was extremely impressionable because this interaction inspiried me to look at things in a different light.
Personal experience:

Thank you Jacob! Meeting you was extremely special because it opened my mind to the possibilities that any person can do.  Currently after visiting his exhibit, I have been looking to create a new zip line for reciepts at work.  


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