Week 11 – Artist Conversation

Artist: Sovanchan Sorn

Instagram: yujiagu.squarespace.com

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

About the artist:

Sovanchan was born in a city in China. This is currently her third year at CSULB as an art major in graphic design .  She had immigrated from China to study art.  She is unsure of if she wants to stay here in America or China. She was so self aware of her work getting exposed to children! A party of tourists came in and all of them were Chinese tourists.   However assurance from the viewers made her feel better. It seemed that she was a little nervous, but collected herself in the end!

Initial Analysis:

The room was very clean with signs images and data pouring out everywhere you looked.

This map of the United states autoplayed numerous sites around the US of places where shootings occured.  The environment seemed very analytical while still conveying a powerful emotion of urgency.

One of the most notable icons in the gallery was this message.  There was something very symbolic to this work.  The most notable part of this piece was the many amounts of guns portrayed. I wonder what sorn wanted this to mean.

Here is another piece that also conveys emotions of urgency.  Here the plot showed in real time the frequency of the amount of shootings in focused areas.  I loved how much red was used to catch the eye of the viewer.  It made the most important things and topics of the art come to the forefront in terms of relevance with so much information coming from the gallery.

The most heart wrenching pieces of this gallery was the mural that payed omage to all the victims of these shootings.  Many of these people were young children.  This part of the gallery made me understand the artist’s main topic and focus.

Content Analysis:

The entire art exhibit was inspired from shootings all around North America.  She wanted her art to display the relationship between the shooting and the worries of a parent.  The biggest inspiration for her reason to display this specific piece of art was to pay omage to her mother’s worries of her getting in .  Her mother is heard talking in Chinese when you put the headphones in the gallery on.  She wanted this to symbolize how much she understood how worries her mother was when she moved away.

Personal Experience:

Personally, the experience was very positive. I loved how on point and clean the design and layout was for the presentation.  I also loved how important and relevant the topics were to how big school shooting are right now in America. One of my friends exclaimed to me how this is always on the back of her mind when she works with her children. I really do agree that art can raise awareness from topics like these.


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