Week 10 – The EDGE of Glory

In the four years that I have been here at CSULB, one of the most interesting psychological phenomena was the little crack in the space near the bus stops near the circle of traffic.

Everyone seems to want to cut corners nowadays I hear!  So in order to make the space better for people, I redrew the scene for optimal people performance.

I went ahead and removed the benches and placed them more towards the center of the little box. This gives out more space for about another person to squeeze through. This stops the whole charade of having to wait your turn when you are walking. With this system, it is a lot more easy to move throughout the complex without having to actually change much and cause congestion.  Overall, this project showed me that it is essential to question the reason why things are the way they are.  I love how art can make me use my critical thinking skills this way and make a change for the possible better. It makes me realize that just because something is working, doesnt mean its good for you!


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