Week 10 – Forever by your side, Amy Duran

About the Artist:

Amy Duran is a cake decorator and ceramics major at CSULB. Her aspirations are to make props for movies.  Her passion is her work, and she finds inspiration at places like Disneyland.  Amy is a senior and is graduating in May.


Before my friends and I even considered going into Amy’s art exhibit, we were already encapsulated by how many people entered the dimly lit room.  Uoppn enteting, we were pleasantly surprised by the little studio set up.  The music playing in the back ground gave a story time aura to the piece.  

Inside the little area we were met with these fleshed out story books embroided in gold! These books told a story and guided us on when to use the contraption when it co aligns with the story.

The pieces made by amy looked eerie inspired by Tim Burton. The premise of the story involved the coming of age for women, and her inner conflict with growing up.

The girl and her best friend (a bear) go into an adventure where they can be happy and never have to worry about being a little girl. 

However there is a mysterious wolf that insists that growing up is essential.  The wolf argues that she can grow up and accept her fear of being sexualized while still maintaining her desire to be girly.

She then wakes up next to this odd cemetary and realizes it was all a dream.

Content Analysis:

Sean Duran, Amy’s brother, had substituted himself in place of Amy during the interview. He was involved with creating the movement og the contraption gears. .  He created the levers in his studio for wood working. Sean is a former CSULB student. When speaking about how long the project took, he claimed there were lots of help coming from the family in order to finish.  The entire family was up until 4 A.M.! He claimed that the art was based off of a story book theme.  This is Amy’s thesis equivalent of an art project, and much harf work came into creating the master piece.

Personal Experience:

It was a little upsetting not being able to meet Amy.  Her works were amazing! I loved the symbolic theme of growing up and accepting more sexualized roles of the human identity.  I also love how in the story, the wolf was not stigmatized as the villain, but the voice of reason in the story. Overall the story and art was all amazing. Great job!


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