Week 10 – Tag a Friend!

This weeks project was extremely fun because I had a blast going out on an adventure with my friends!  I had been working all week and Sunday afternoon was the only time I was able to do the graffiti project.  My friends, Shiloh, Julio, and Axel had a crazy time during our shift at work, so coming to graffiti was a pleasant wind down experience!

We decided to use the art project paper because it was a symbol of our friendships and the things we do together!  We had spent a good amount of the time finding the spray paint. 

Shiloh decided to tag the blink 182 symbol as an omage for the love for them!

The final product was as such!  My image was on the left. It was suppose to be a man dabbing but I personally think it looks so abstract that it can up for interpretation. We ended up using blue, green, and red as our primary colors for tagging because they are the bases of all colors you can make!  It symbolized that when in untiy, we can come together and have a great experience even through a rough, but eventful day at work!


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