Week 10 – Artist “Recuerdos”

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra
About the Artist:

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is a CSULB student in the sculpture program. When first encountering her, she seemed extremely knowledgable about her purpose for her exhibit.  She exclaimed that she loves her spanish heritage and memories with her family.  She emphasized that Spanish was her main language.  Ibarra loves Karaoke and prefers the crowd cheering for her! She claimed she liked to pump up the crowd up! With her enthusiasim, we then entered the art exhibit.


When you walk in, you are greeted to a beautiful assortment of collectible dolls.  One of the biggest showcases in this particular art exhibit would be the yellow piano in the center of the room.  The piano and music boxes gave out a very carefree atmosphere that just made me want to feel comfortable.

The scene was very nostalgic. The hue and saturation of the colors looked very childish and adolescent. The yelllow felt like an specific color choice to pay omage to a different time in life.

To add on to this theme of a childhood noatalgia, there was also dolls and ornaments relating to childhood.  This was one of the most iconic parts of this art display .

This picture contains a beautiful nonverbal story of childhood nostalgia.  The pictures made the collage so much more personal.  The context suggests that these ornaments are extremely valuable and mean something, but what?

Content Analysis:

Ibarra claimed that her inspiration for her art came from her family. There are many Spanish refrences in her ornament. She stated that she idealistically wanted have a majority of the pamphlet of her thoughts in spanish because most of these memories her art was inspired by she only spoke one specific language. Ibarra stated that translating is hard because thinking of a description is hard because the language of spanish has its own eloquences much like english does. English was Ibarras second language. It came more fluid for her. Spanish felt more like poetry for her because that is where she learned how to speak. Ibarras exclaimed that it was hard translating language and making it artistic and poetic at the time. Ibarras loved her aunt. Many pieces are meant to reflect her relationship with her family. She claimed that art is also portrays youth, which is why she aided to use such a saturated color to detonate the tone of the gallery.
Personal Experience:

Many people recalled this art because it reminded many students from their hispanic background.  One of my closest friends seemed so inspired by her artwork because it reminded them of their own memories with their families as well.  I felt almost like a little kid going into the gallery! The atmosphere was one of the most encompassing things about the gallery. I really enjoyed Ibarra’s technique of encompassing the feelings of her memories. It was well done and I congratulate her!


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