Week 8 – More Of A Masa

Matt Ngo is a sophmore here at CSULB. Matt has had a long academic career in his two years here. He has gone through Pre nursing, filed for undeclared, and then again health science. Matt was super friendly and extremely polite!  When talking about school he exclaimed that he had a 3.7 GPA so he could prepare for the nursing program, but the statistics of nursing so high.  When asked about Art 110, he says he loves the freedom of art activity. Plaster cast was Matts favorite activity.  Hobbies of Matt would be that he is a Car fanatic. Matt also skate, bike, and vapes.  Matt Works at a boba shop just like I do! It wqs hilarious because we called each other typical asians haha. One thing me and Matt really clicked on was music. Matt and I enjoy Hip Hop, EDM, and RNB.  We talked about a sound cloud artist (Mura Masa), basically almost at the end of class. Overall I feel very hapoy to have met Matt. In a world where there are so many people, I loved how I found someone that was very relatable!


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