Week 8 – Finger Paint

For this weeks art topic, I decided to invite my roommate Axel to paint with me. The piece of paper that I had used to do visionless painting with my girlfriend!

We were ready! We had stopped by Daiso to get the paint!  We played some electronic music to vibe us into the abstract piece. Much like visionless painting, the motions felt very fluid. I looked at my hand and instantly thought of faces. The whole idea came from the thumb print of the finger. That is an identity. So my final product was this:

I call the piece “faces”.  I meticulousy used my fingerprints to create the image of the head. The colors used were black, white, green, blue, yellow, and pink.  If you look closely the abstract painting shows a womb type of character on the bottom.  The womb seperates life.  The people gather around this thing because they believe it will change the world. I wanted this piece to have a strong symbolic meaning. The faces can be self interpreted and so what you see is essentially created by the interpretation of the viewer. Overall this painting gave me a lot of inspiration for passion and art. It was awesome planning an idea and seeing it through the whole way!


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