Week 7 – Art Topics

Art Exhibit: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Title: Stop and Stare

Instagram: Eroznovan

Name: Elena  was from Moldova. She has since then moved to America and applied for residency. She has her undergraduate degree from the Maryland Institution.  One of her favorite things to do that inspires her work would be writing and hiking.  One of the things she has loved from her career is that she has moved many places and gets to work on many pieces of art. She likes inspiration in nature, but she is so busy with school. She is currently here in CSULB working on sculpting.

Formal analysis:

The area of the room was very dimly lit. But once you pass the wall. You could really see the abience and vividness of the picture.

The entire scene was so realistic, it was shocking. 

There were many film pieces that altered the shade of the picture.  You could tell how much thought was put into the lighting.  I feel like this really meant something to the artist.

Im not sure if this was actually happening or not, but the image felt as if it was moving sometimes.  Perhaps it was the shading of the light.

Content analysis:

She started work on this specific art path about two years ago.  One of her biggest contributions and obsessions with her field her ability with capturing phenomenon on film. She explained that completeing art doesn’t happen entirely the way she wants it to sometimes.  Her biggest question when making this piece was “How does pictures get mediated through technology”?  Here she used square shapes in her piece to symbolize technology.  Photography props were works in installation, to symbolize the amount of labor it took.  The Dim room brings picture and a level of immersion she wanted everyone to feel.  She wanted to emphasize how light is important piece of work.  She also wanted to use a new way of using projection as art.


This art experience has really showed me the inportance of lighting when taking pictures. It has also really given me a bigger appreciation as to how long it takes to get a perfect shot.  I really like this filimg project and commend her on her beautifully crafted art! 


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