It was just your average day in Memetropolis. Penguins were leaving their houses contemplating if they had forgotten something as always. They never seemed to be happy with the great things in life because it would always be ruined by some anchored dislike of whatever happened to them that specific day.  They ended up never going to work of course and instead decided to stay home and further enhance their meming skills on reddit.

The population of memetropolis memely consisted of pengiuns, frogs (led by Kermit The Frog), and stick figures.  It was a simple life. It was an easy life.  Then one day, the once bright city of memopolis, turned dank.  A young frog was sitting on the sidewalk practicing his memes when he felt as if the sun disappeared from the sky.  When he looked up, tears began to envelope his eyes. The entity blocking the sun had been observing him, its eyes staring him down with a fierce portrayal of divine judgment.  The frog, frightened in awe, then looked down, closed his eyes, and accepted his fate.

BOOM. And like a dead meme, the area by which the young frog lay his last breath, was destroyed.  

They called it, The Doge. This terrifying yet magnificent beast had bright yellow fur that was as soft as the clouds.  It would look at you with these surprised yet sarcastic look before he burned down the city. “Wow” were the only words it muttered, as it lay waste to the once prosperous and click-baitey city.  The Doge terrorized Memetropolis for weeks on end, ultimately destroying it in the process.  And out of this fire of chaos and destruction, vengence had been ahbored and borne from the ashes.  A man with red hair arose from the ruined city. His area had not been destroyed as drastically as other parts of Memeopolis.  The man looked around to see if Doge was anywhere nearby.  Doge had been long gone.  The city had been in ruins for days.  In an effort to reconcile with the others, the red hair man held a meeting with any of the survivors in the city.  When he finally rallied up the few survivors, the man only said one thing.  Angrily the red hair man looked into the sky, rose his right hand and pointed it at the floor, and muttered to himself and his constituents, “They Took Er Jerbs”.


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