Week 6 Art Project – THIS IS NOT A FLIP BOOK

But really, it actually is a flipbook.  This week I really wanted to focus on how encapsulating a flip book was to me when I made them when I was young.  During my free time I would always love to draw and loved animation because it was an entirely new way of explaining what see, feel, think.

I drew inspiration of the mispelled “thumb here” as an allegory to the Captain Underpants Series.  This is where I learned the concept of flip books.  I wanted to pay omage to this very special and impressionable part of my life.

For the actual flip book I just did a basic comic of a ball dropping. This I felt was so iconic when I was young. This encapsulate the fundamentals of beggining writing. I really couldnt draw much else aside from having a ball do crazy things.  The entire flipbook also pays omage to the aspects of comic I learned in classical world literature in college. I wanted to mesh my understanding of art styles and evaluation, with my nostalgia of art as a youth into this piece. An example of collegiate understanding of art that I used to display in this art piece was René Margritte’ piece “The Treachery of Imagess”.  From what I learned, the flip book presenting itself os only a symbolic representation of a ball falling.  That is why in the flip book, there are words to describe to the viwer that this was in fact not a ball falling at all, but…

The ending of my flip book really pushed itself back into the elementary styles of art. It really made me appreciate the knowledge that I have learned and even helped me reminicst art in my past childhood. Regardless if the concept was a ball or not, as a young individual, it provoked huge spouts of creativity that eventually introduced me into more abstract pieces of art.


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