Week 5 – Visionless Drawing, Passion in the Music!

For this week’s art project, I was aided in the help of my girlfriend, Grayson, to make the painting.  We ended up going to the University Art Store at CSULB and getting the reccomended paper and oil pastels to begin the drawing.  The paper we decided to buy was huge!  We decided to create the piece together.  When we got home, we taped the paper down to the table, lighted an incense, and began playing music.  

My girlfriend started off first. She began the piece with very big focus on a specifc part of the paper

As the music played, I handed my girlfriend the colors she felt and saw.  When it was decided to switch, we also decided to switch the music to change up the tempo of the piece.  

Contrastong Grayson’s specific patterns, the music was very flamboyant and caused me to embelish large areas of the paper

When it was my turn, I could feel the excitment of the music I was listening to. The high tempo of EDM made me imagine lights and fun.  When the song was finished the end result was this:

The huge circle was suppose to be an abstract “G” and stand for my girlfriend’s first inital. There is an intense “A” pattern to signify my first initial as well.  I loved this project because it opened up some time for my girlfirend and I to spend some time with each other.  It has been a long week so this project was great to use as a wind down for fun and liesure.  I really got to appreciate the art pieces and types of paper at the art store as well.  Its honestly amazing the different types of tools you can use for creating a piece.  It makes me look forward to seeing more special techniques you can represent your idea with.


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