Week 4 – Artist Gallery

“Immaterials”, developed by Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah is the gallery where I focused most of my attention to.  Both Elmer and Robert are currently working on their BFA degree in the CSULB School of Art’s Drawing and Painting Program.  Both individuals had been drawing since they were young. The two also love to travel.  The “Immaterial” gallery inspiration came from the desire to showcase lives that may have been completely ignored. Elmer specifically said that he wanted to showcase the lives of these urban city individuals.  

Based on the real person Elmer met during his inspiration trips to communicate and commune with the urban city individual

Elmer drew up inspiration of this painting from a man named “Greg” that he had met during his travels. This meticulous painting embodies the behavior patterns that Guevara had seen when he first encounter Greg.  The picture captures his continuous elaborate movement.  The emotions I felt was this very disjointed and beautiful need for haste.  I could feel this desire to move within the picture. I could also feel the heaviness of burden with the buildings on his shoulder. It really displayed the communication that Elmer and Greg had together.

Robert used a more unique canvas for his works with the surface of unprimed wood.  This particular picture captures the sadness and grief of an unknown woman.  The texture is beautifully crafted to align with the symmetry of the way the pattern on the box is moving.

In conclusion, I loved all the art pieces portrayed in “immaterial”. The artistic style felt very abstract, but still kept the aura of the street style LA has come to know and love.


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