Week 3: Classmate Conversation – LoL!

Me and my friends were rather chatty when discussing the pieces in the art exhibit.  Our conversation caught the attention of AP, a happy and jovial sophmore!

It seemed almost like fate.  AP was extremely inviting when I asked if he wanted to pair up.  AP was a sophmore who currently lived in the dorms at CSULB.  He is an art major as well as a minor in computer science.  Outside of the common interest I think the thing that brought us closet together was our common interests in video games!  Me and AP both use to play a video game called League Of Legends.  Our conversation was enjoyable because League Of Legends is an extremely addicting game that can be personally involving.  We laughed about all of the rediculous things we’ve seen.  Currently AP has been playing LOL since season 1 (6 years ago). The conversation was hilarious because I actually have only been playing for 2 years and am actually a higher rank than AP in the game (there is a competative mode that people play to rank themselves compared to others.  Overall, AP is probably one of the people that I have met in this class that I have the most rapport with so far. He’s a great guy and I look forward to seeing his works later this semester.


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