Week 3: Artist Analysis

Today the art exhibit portrayed some modern and abstract pieces for viewing.  One of the artists present during the function was Megan.  Megan focused on the use and expertise of her weaving skills in making her art.  

Megan uses her expertise in draping and weaving to articulate her style. This specific art work has dogs glued upside down a table hanging on a levy.

Megan is currently working on her second semester in a current 3 year program for art.  When asked about her occupation, Megan replied that she had been weaving for 10 plus years. Her artwork wanted to emphasize the laid back thematics of architechture.  Megan was then asked about her previous occupation before art.  She exclaimed that her undergraduate degree was actually in nature therapy.  Megan had worked with children with disabilities, using nature to help cope with cognitive therapy.  Megan also has experience in fashion, where she gained her expertise in fabrics.

Fabric mounted on walls created a dynamic atmosphere of comfort. The design is simple and colorful.

Many of Megan’s work looked playful and archaic.  When asked about why she used the type of fabric for her art, Megan replied that the wool fabric was one of her specialties. When asked about the hardest thing when making her projects, she exclaimed that the set up was probably the hardest. Putting the pieces and collaborating them together was extremely intensive.  Megan also wanted her pieces of work to have different meaning depending on what things people see.  She wanted her pieces to be self interpreted, which is very postmodern and personal for the viewer. 

The rod touched only the middle, what does the color mean?

Overall, Megan’s pieces of art have all been created through her level of inspiration on the piece.  Much like her fluidity with her pieces, I love how fluid she wants her pieces to be self interpreted by the viewer.  Getting to know her personal life and inspiration really shows where the inspiration for art may have come from, making this personal experience extremely exciting!


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