Week #2 Class Conversation: The Drew Of The Past And Present 

Ironically in class today I found out that there was another Andrew in the class. During class I had to remake my index card because it wasn’t big enough, so unfortunately I didn’t have time to snag a partner nearby.  I did stumble upon Andrew however. When we saw each other without partners things just clicked.  

Andrew is a freshman this year living in Parkside.  Art 110 is one of his prerequisites for his major so he is taking it to enter his program.  At first Andrew was very shy, but as he continued talking about his passion for a major, his face began to light up.  As one Andrew to another, I only hope for the best. I found it funny that he was the Andrew starting college and I was the Andrew graduating.  It really put things into perspective of how life contunies after you leave a place.  I was talking to Andrew about this realization and we both then parted ways.  Thanks again Andrew for this experience!


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