Wk1: The Petrified Death Lotus Of A Busy Weekend

Hey guys! So this week has been pretty darn busy, but I finally was able to sit down and enjoy the project. I decided to head on over to Michaels and also find some other casts to put the plaster in including my hand.  I ended work around 5ish and it was pretty dark when I finally got to the beach, so I ended up shoveling the sand into the bucket and taking it home to do my plaster there.  There, my friends and I followed the instructions and unfortunately we stirred the plaster for too long and the plaster began to harden! Luckily we salvaged enough to mold my hand. Eeriely the hand look almost like a skeleton hand pointing. With the remaining plaster, I filled up a mold of a rose to compliment the gothish design of my art.  This week’s art was used to symbolize a rather hectic week with the transition of school.  In the picture, where the hand points to the rose the dirt begins to catch on the rose. I liked the nuanced feeling of the hand perpetual infecting the rose slowly and this picture attempts to capture the essence of that meaning!


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