Wk1: Classmate Conversations: The Three Muskateers!

Wednesday was rather peculiar.  When Glenn asked us to meet up with partners. It was as if everyone already grouped up so fast with partners.  As one of the few people without a partner. I just so happened to stumble on students that also ended up as litters.  Together the three of us formed a group and got to know a little about one another.

 Jazmine (on the left)

Jazmine is a graphic designer who transferred to CSULB. She is a senior and works at Living Arts Of Long Beach as a student. She’s also 26 and is excited to be moving on from college. Jazmine was the first person that I met up with. We found each other frantically looking for a partner and it seemed rather natural that we just pair up!

Hayley (on the right): 

I first met Hayley when she was actually trying to steal Jazmine away from me as a partner! Because everyone seemed to just naturally be in their groups already we asked her to join us. Hayley is an undeclared freshman at CSULB. She was very friendly and opened up to us talking about the things she had done in high school. Hayley loved yearbook and photo and naturally as seniors, Jazmine and I talked to her about her desires and interest regarding her potential major in the future!

It was kind of funny. The class assignment made college feel like those really awkward high school loner scenes. The three of us found solace as a team by finding each other when everyone seemed to be busy with themselves. It was a great welcoming experience and it makes me look forward to the rest of the next semester!


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