Week 16 – A Possibility

Regardless of what my future I know that realistically I would like to go to graduate school.  With this I have produced three short term goals that will help aid in reaching my path. 1st Possibility: My first possibility would be to work at my job for a year since I am taking a year […]

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Week 16 – Classmate Conversation

Today for my last classmate conversation I wanted to write a descriptive poem about my new friend Taylor Hinata.  I wanted to create a scene where my thought process was as we were having our awesome conversation! Taylor Hirata Speech therapy, sophmore brain damage, function children speak in silence impedement Audiology anatomy of the ear […]

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Week 15 – japanese garden

The Japanese garden drawing event was very fun because it tested how well I could visualize and create a painting without erasing anything! My first outline of the garden was as such.  I first began the outlines of the pond and trees by drawing patterns and squiggle similar to their shapes! More texture was added […]

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Week 14 – the story teller

Trevor is a Jr going to CSULB. He currently is working as a health science major. Health related fields are Trevor’s specialty because it runs in his family as both his parents are specializers in their field. When talking about academics, Trevor stated that he sucks at math and anatomy. This semester Trevor decided to […]

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Week 13 – Obed

Obed is a second year student at csulb.  He is currently undeclared, but wants to pursuit a human development degree.  He explained that both his parents were teachers and tutors, so this inspired him to pursue abnegate role of learning about human development.  Obed enjoys sports, mainly basketball football soccer.  He plays as much as […]

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Week 13 – Artist Conversation

About the Author: Carmina lives in anaheim.  She transferred here to CSULB as a fine arts major.  Her specialty is BFA sculpture.  She loves video games.  One contrast to her favorite hobbies would be going out and visitng nature.  This exhibit here at Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery showcases her senior work Initial Analysis: When you […]

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Week 12 – Power Outage

The funniest thing about this particular art project was that incidentally we had a power outage for a whole day.  On the eve of 420, we decided to stau indoors and see what life was like. Axel was so sad because he was looking forward to playing games and watching T.V.! For the entire night, […]

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